Robert Schöffmann

1963 born in Villach
1980 begins painting
1981 First exhibition at the 'Junge-Musik-Galerie'/Villach
1982 Graduation from high school in Villach
begins to study at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna (Prof. Hutter)
1983 Studies abroad-Greece
1984 Exhibition in the Journalists'Club at the Hilton/Vienna
Exhibition at the Schauspielhaus/Vienna
1985 Exhibition in the 'Galerie an der Stadtmauer'/Villach
Studies in Nürnberg/Germany (two month)
1986 Exhibition together with Prof.Rudolf Hausner in Schloß Senftenegg/Lower Austria
Studies in Greece
1982-86     Regular illustrations for the Publishing House trend-profile
1987 returns to Villach
Exhibition "Akte" (Nudes) at 'Die Kapelle' in Villach
Studies in Greece
1988 Community Service with the Red Cross in Villach
1989 Exhibition at the 'BV-Galerie'/Klagenfurt
1990/91 Studies abroad in Thailand (one month)
Studies abroad in the People's Republic of China (six month)
1992 Exhibition "Aktzeichnungen" (Nude Drawings) in the 'Galerie 2a'/Villach
Exhibition "Neue Mauerbilder" (New Wall Pictures) at 'Heimat-Galerie'/Villach
1993 Production of the first book of prints "Die Mauer" (The Wall)
1991-94 Regular publications of works in the magazine "Schwermetall" /alpha-comic Publishing House/Germany
1993 Biggest exhibition to date: "Die Mauer" (The Wall) with 120 panels;
Presentation of the accompanying work of prints at 'Schloß Treffen/Carinthia
1994 Studies abroad - Thailand
Production of the second work of prints "the alpha" by own publisher